What is the Embracing our Heritage…Transforming our Future project goal?

The minimum project financial goal is $10,000,000. Our Diocese seeks to raise these funds over the next five years.  Monies collected from the project will be allocated towards necessary, urgent restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception; community outreach services; support of diocese and parish communications needs; and an endowment fund for the permanent maintenance of our historic Cathedral.

Who will be asked to support the project?

The stakeholders in the Cathedral Restoration Project are many and varied.  Although organizations, foundations and businesses will also be solicited, we expect individual contributions to account for most of the monies raised.

Why is my participation important?

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the mother church of the Diocese of Saint John. This historic Cathedral belongs to everyone who lives within the Diocese or who has a connection to our Diocese. The Cathedral is a designated Provincial Heritage Place and we all have an obligation to preserve this great civic trust that has been handed down to us. Your gift will make a significant difference -- to the restoration of this architectural masterpiece and to preserving it for future generations.

How much should I consider giving?

As only you know best your family’s own situation, your gift should be determined after prayerful reflection. We encourage you to consider a pledge to this campaign based on your financial ability to give. This campaign is monumental in our church’s history, and we hope your commitment will mirror that. Remember, gifts can be pledged over a period of up to five years. And you will receive tax receipts for your contribution to the campaign.

Why are pledges emphasized? Why encourage pledging instead of a one-time gift?

The Cathedral Restoration Project encourages pledged gifts because it allows individuals and families the opportunity to consider larger commitments than they may ordinarily be able to consider.  It also helps us to achieve our common goals while lessening the financial pressure on parishioners and community supporters. This is important for such a historic fundraising effort of the magnitude of Embracing our Heritage...Transforming our Future.

Is my pledge legally binding?

No. A pledge is a good faith commitment made under a particular set of circumstances. If those circumstances change, the Cathedral Restoration Office will work with donors to accommodate their pledge payment schedule or balance accordingly.

To whom should an initial payment cheque be made payable?

An initial payment cheque should be made payable to the Cathedral Restoration Project. We request that your initial payment represent 10% of your total gift contribution. The  Cathedral Restoration Office will oversee all campaign transactions and will mail your charitable gift receipt. Receipts will be mailed at the end of each calendar year for all amounts received during the year. Contributions may be mailed to Cathedral Heritage Foundation, 1 Bayard Drive, Saint John, NB E2L 3L5.

How should subsequent payments be made?

A donor may choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The Cathedral Restoration Office will send reminders according to the donor’s chosen schedule.  

Will my pledge offering be kept confidential?

Yes. The Cathedral Heritage Foundation and the Diocese  have strict controls in place to ensure your confidentiality and privacy. For more information, click on the "Privacy" link at the bottom of this page.

Am I able to pay my pledge using a credit card or automatic withdrawal from my checking account or can I only send cash?

You may choose to fulfill your gift commitment through cash or cheques; through credit card and electronic payments through our secure donation feature; or with pre-authorized payments through your bank or financial institution. 

Can I make a planned gift to the cathedral restoration project?

Yes. On the pledge form you can itemize a gift in your will or other bequest. One hundred percent of bequest amounts will be credited to the campaign if a donor is 70 years of age or older. Life insurance policies are also accepted if they have a cash value or if the diocese is the owner of the policy and premiums are paid by the donor. Please contact the Cathedral Restoration Office at 506.653.6967 for more information.

Are pledges and one-time gifts the only kind of gifts accepted or can I make a gift of stock or securities?

While cash gifts and pledges are most common, gifts of securities or publicly traded stock are also most welcome. If you are considering a transfer of appreciated stock, please contact the Cathedral Restoration Office at 506.653.6967 or

What if my circumstances change and I am unable to fulfill my pledge?

Your pledge to the Cathedral Restoration Project is made in good faith and is entirely voluntary. If your circumstances change, you may alter your pledge by simply notifying the Cathedral Restoration Office at 506.653.6967.

Will project funds be separate from other Diocesan accounts?

Yes. The funds provided to the Embracing our Heritage...Transforming our Future Cathedral Restoration Project will remain separate and distinct from other Diocesan funds. The Cathedral Heritage Foundation is a distinct charitable foundation under the Canada Revenue Act. Contributions donated to the campaign will be used only for the
purposes outlined in all campaign materials – digital and print.

Why is this a good opportunity for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and our Diocese?

Through increased involvement and support of the mother church of our diocese, the Embracing our Heritage...Transforming our Future project draws us together as one Church. As it builds on a practice of stewardship, everyone in our diocese will develop a better understanding of our Church’s ministries in parishes and in local communities as well as nationally and internationally. Ultimately, this experience will give far more than merely the dollars raised.