St. Andrew's Parish

St. Andrew Survey Results

The above survey results indicate what needs to be done in our diocese; this link will tell you more about revitalizing our diocese

212 Parr Street
St. Andrews, New Brunswick
E5B 1M3
Phone: 506-529-3254
Fax: 506-466-2579


Welcome to the webpage for St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in beautiful St. Andrews By-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada.
Located on the corner of Parr Street and King Street, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church is the third church on King Street travelling up from the water. Locally, the street is affectionately known as ABC Street as the three churches in order are the Anglican, Baptist, and Catholic.  :)
Situated near the mouth of the St. Croix River, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church was first established as a parish in 1849.
Whereas the town of St. Andrews is a tourist destination, efforts are made to meet the spiritual needs of Catholic tourists by changing the summertime Mass schedule.
The parishioners of St. Andrew’s hope and pray that you will enjoy their little section of God’s kingdom.


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This is the Confirmation program we are using. Watch all the videos, very worthwhile. Most of the videos are around 4 minutes long, with a few around 6 to 8, and one just over 12.