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“Can the Laity save the Church : a modest proposal”… Dr. Michael Higgins, current Distinguished Professor of Catholic Thought, at Sacred Heart University, Connecticut, and former President of St. Thomas University, will deliver a message on 20th century personalities who helped shape the Church of today , the current challenges facing it, and the laity’s role in shaping it’s future. Looking to the models of Cardinal John Henry Newman, and Fr. Henri Nouwen, he will present an argument for a new model of pastoral practice. Free presentation of interest to a wide audience. Sat., Oct. 19th 9:30 AM, Msgr. Boyd Fam. Ctr. RSVP: (506-470-5696)/ (506-474-2342)
« Une Proposition modeste : est-ce que les laïcs peuvent sauver l’Église »…Le Dr Michael Higgins, professeur de la Pensée catholique à la Sacred Heart University de Connecticut et ancien président de l’Université St. Thomas, présentera une allocution sur les personnages du 20ième siècle qui ont contribué à façonner l’Église d’aujourd’hui, les défis qu’elle devra relever et le rôle des laïcs dans la détermination de son avenir. Il examinera les modèles du cardinal John Henry Newman et du père Henri Nouwen et présentera un argument en faveur d’un nouveau modèle de pratique pastorale. L’entrée est gratuite pour cette présentation de grand intérêt pour un vaste public, samedi le 19 octobre à 9 h 30, au Centre familial Monsignor Boyd. Merci de confirmer votre présence à (506-470-5696) / (506-474-2342)


Season of Creation

Pope Francis recently declared that climate change is an emergency. 
Christian communities have already been stepping forward to answer that question by celebrating the Season of Creation, the annual festival of prayer and action for our common home.  For the first
time ever the Vatican is directly inviting Church leaders to participate in the Season of Creation.

Please read this very important invitation that brings awareness to the care of our earth
home as invited by the Pope.

Here is a link to a site to help you in your planning and brainstorming....

As you begin to brainstorm and plan, share your ideas with me and I'll share them on our page.
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2019 Pentecost Message to Canadian Catholic Movements and AssociationsWednesday, May 29 2019

Pentecost this year has a special emphasis with Pope Francis inviting all of us to live October 2019 as an Extraordinary Missionary Month. Throughout it we are invited to pray for a truly missionary conversion of the whole Church.
"We are not selling a product. We have a life to communicate: God, his divine life, his merciful love, his holiness! It is the Holy Spirit who sends us, accompanies us and inspires us. He is the source of our mission. It is he who guides the Church forward." (Pope Francis, address to the national directors of the Pontifical Mission Societies, 1 June 2018).
As members of movements and associations of faithful, we readily hear the call to be marked by personal holiness and new creativity so as to draw our world to the One who makes all things new by his Paschal Mystery. When we reflect on our own personal experience of faith, we call to mind those who guided us on the journey, so that we take our vocation seriously as people who are baptized and sent. Throughout the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October, we will be offered a number of brief biographies of missionary witnesses as well as daily commentaries on the Word of God, so as to awaken our communities to missionary responsibility. Let us be reminded that our Christian identity is strengthened as we give Christ to others: "the Christian faith remains ever young when it is open to the mission" (Pope Francis, 20 May 2018)1 .
Saint Paul reminds us that "we have this treasure in jars of clay" (2 Cor 4 :7). The various scandals denounced within the Church these past months are a hindrance to trust; consequently, we are called more than ever before to boldly go out to the peripheries2, enthusiastically offering "the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Peter 3:15). In celebrating the centenary of the Apostolic Letter Maximum illud of Pope Benedict XV which sought to give a new impetus to missionary responsibility in favour of all nations (ad gentes), the Holy Father wished to reengage us in a permanent state of mission.
The first proclamation of salvation motivates us to urgent collaboration with others, which includes fostering unity, charity, and a dialogue of salvation. We truly desire that the younger generations with all their desires will discover a yearning for God, to seek him, to love him, and to serve him. They will draw from this living water to the extent that they remain open to forgiveness, gathering together in community and walking with the poor. We are aware that on many levels, our people are getting older and it can be difficult to build bridges between generations. This is why we hope that, together, we might joyfully prepare for this extraordinary missionary month, when possible with the young people of our communities, overcoming intergenerational distance, and recognizing the missionary wealth as God's gift to all. Younger generations are open to encountering of cultures, and can teach us about this natural and necessary horizon of the Church's missionary activity in the world. "Significant and creative Christian presences in places that are predominantly indifferent or hostile to the faith, where Christian witness lives daily with the tragedy of the martyrdom of blood, ecclesial movements, lay associations, missionary institutes and new ecclesial forms of community life, are all ecclesial experiences to keep in mind in order to understand the missio ad gentes in a paradigmatic reconfiguration of the entire mission of the Church sent into the world for the salvation and transformation of the world."3
May the breath of the Holy Spirit take hold of us and through our witness bring forth the fruits of the Good News!
Standing Committee for Relations with Movements and Associations
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Pentecost 2019


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: Document on 'Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse'

The Atlantic Episcopal Assembly offers some helpful words to us concerning Assited Dying.  Just 'cut and paste' the following link and consider what this means for you and your loved ones as you contemplate end of life for you and those you love.

Apostolic Letter by Pope Francis
Vos Estis Lux Mundi (You Are the Light of the World)

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