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Welcome to the Office of Adult Faith Formation

Opportunities to explore various topics can be found here, including creative prayer ideas, music and video presentations to accompany your prayer and faith journey.

The Church identifies faith formation, including adult formation, as one of Her high priorities.The Office of Adult Faith Formation supports those on their ongoing journeys to becoming more faith-filled disciples and stronger participants in the life of the Church. 

Through the office of Adult Faith Formation, the Diocese of Saint John offers resources and support for individual and parish needs. Contact the office with specific requests.

Lay Pastoral Ministry Program Graduates
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Please contact our office directly if you wish to join.   

             EASTER SEASON

Happy Easter to each of you.  I pray that your parish celebration of the Triduum was as rich as the Church plans for it to be.  I know it can feel that we live at church over these days of Holy Week beginning with the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral followed by the three moments of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil and Sunday.  

These times of liturgical prayer are so rich, so full of symbolic language, so meaningful.  They feed my soul for weeks following.

Thankfully the Church provides us with the weeks of the Easter Season that allow us the opportunity to deepen our understanding and our living of this great gift of Easter.

The R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process has something to offer us in this.  The newly baptized, the neophytes, now enter into a time of 'mystagogy'.  The word itself means 'interpreting mystery'.  They take these seven weeks to contemplate, savour, and deepen the mysteries they have just been introduced to.  They deepen their understanding of these mysteries and continue to incorporate these mysteries into their lives.

That is what we are about.  Notice the readings of Scripture that we hear throughout these seven weeks.  Notice the words to the songs we sing.  Can we get enough of the Alleluia's that have been silent these last six weeks?  How could we possibly allow to sink in the magnificence of this mystery of resurrection in just one day?

Let us take these 50 days to notice the Resurected Christ in our lives, in the people we meet, in the encounters placed before us, within ourselves.

Let our Alleluias be sung by the joyful presence we bring to the world.  And, on the days that we begin to forget the joy that is ours, let us pray this prayer, and trust that, through it all, the Risen Christ can continue to bring new life.

A Prayer for Easter Eyes
My Lord, Jesus,
You have risen to new life!
Give me new eyes with which to recognize
your presence in the world around me.
Sharpen my vision so that I see beyond the
ordinary events of each day and into the
extraordinary reality of your grace.
Brighten my view of the world with renewed
hope in the coming of your Kingdom.
Soften my gaze so that I view others with the
kind of tenderness and compassion you
showed to so many.
May each day of this Easter season provide
glimpses of your glory.
In your sacred name, I pray.

Opportunity for Prayer and Formation


al Spring Cleaning: Making room for Spirit

At this time of year many of us are cleaningour homes after a few months of everything being closed in.  Simultaneously, on tv and through books, much emphasis is on the benefits of ‘decluttering’ our living and working spaces.  What about considering our spiritual journey … What needs ‘cleaning’?  Where haven’t we looked in a while?  As we move things around what will we find?  What do we need to let go of?  What can we reclaim?  All of this to make room for Spirit.  Let’s connect all of this to the Pentecost story, the one that reminds us that Spirit abides and moves within us.

Two opportunities offered through the Adult Faith Formation Office, facilitated by Claudette Derdaele.  Join us at St. Dunstan’s church in Fredericton Tuesday, May 28th or Villa Madonna Monday, June 3rd or Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Miramichi on Thursday, June 6th, from 6:30 to 9pm.  To register please contact Claudette at or 506-386-7012.


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: Document on 'Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse'

The Atlantic Episcopal Assembly offers some helpful words to us concerning Assited Dying.  Just 'cut and paste' the following link and consider what this means for you and your loved ones as you contemplate end of life for you and those you love.

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